Editorial and Scientific Review Board

Gerard J.M. van den Aardweg, PhD [European Editor]

Tony B. Bieber, PhD [Psychologist, PC]

Kirk Cameron, PhD [Statistical Scientist. Author of over 60 journal articles, papers, and reports. Research interests: examining the misuse of statistics in psychology, sociology, and biomedicine, especially in sexuality and health research]

Paul Cameron, PhD [American Editor]

Carlin Freeberg, PhD [Retired licensed psychologist and teacher. Has taught grade 4 through graduate school. Academic specialties: research design and measurement, cognition, human development, change strategies. Research: juvenile offender rehabilitation, developing community support systems, identifying the mentally ill in jail settings]

Thomas Landess, PhD [Former Dean, Univ. of Dallas]

Ralph E. Mayberry, MD [FAAFP; Board Certified Family Physician]

Steven Rice, MD [Clinical Assistant Professor, Departments of Psychiatry and Family Medicine, University of Tennessee Memphis School of Medicine] 

John Raney, MD [DABPN; FACFE; Forensic psychiatrist]

Nathaniel Lehrman, MD [Clinical Director (retired), Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, Brooklyn, NY; former Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Downstate Medical Center, State Univ. of NY; certified in psychiatry and administrative psychiatry; graduate, Comprehensive Course in Psychoanalysis, NY Medical College]

Walter R. Schumm, PhD [Published over 270 journal articles and book chapters and coedited one major text on family theory and research methodology. Research Scholar for US Army Research Institute; Fellow of National Council on Family Relations. Known for his theory of differential risk relative to same-sex and mixed-sex relationships and his critiques of biased research in area of same-sex parenting]

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